English GCSE exam resit:

More than 45,000 students are to resit their English GCSEs next month after complaining they had been downgraded.

Figures from exam boards show about one in 14 of those who took the exam earlier this year will take the paper again. More than 45,000 candidates have opted to take part in the November English GCSE resit.

The move to allow pupils to resit their papers follows the shifting of English GCSE grade boundaries which left thousands of pupils with lower grades than expected.

Many pupils who had been expecting a crucial C grade were given a D as a result of the grade boundary changes. This means many will miss out on college places.

Heads claim those who sat the exam in June were put at an unfair disadvantage over those who sat them earlier in the year. Instead of regrading, pupils would be offered early resits in November, .

While it has refused a regrade, it is investigating the quality of exam marking, following complaints about the unreliability of some results.

Pupils from England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been offered the chance to redo part or all of their GCSE English. Exam boards are offering the English resits free of charge to schools.

However, head teachers have warned thousands of London teenagers will miss out on the chance to re-sit their English GCSEs.

Pupils who have left school, started work or moved house will miss out, and children from schools that do not have sixth forms will be the hardest hit, heads claim.

But Not everyone is happy about the resit, head teachers say pupils who were affected should not have to resit, as the problems were not their fault. They are calling for this summer’s GCSE English papers to be re-graded.    

“What this shows is that it is a gross injustice that this vast number of students are being subjected to go through a resit when the fact is this is not their fault.” Last month a GCSE English moderator of 16 years resigned over the shifting of English GCSE grade boundaries.

As a result, nearly 2,400 Welsh pupils who took English with the exam board received better results,BBC news reports.

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